VC Completes the New 128 Technology Project

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Above: Employee Lunch and Lounge Space. Image © Cora Visnick for Visnick & Caulfield

Designer Visnick & Caulfield recently completed Phase 1 of the 25,600 SF office space for 128 Technology, a startup technology company, located at 200 Wheeler, Burlington, MA. Phase I was for the completion of 16,000 SF with Phase II’s remaining 9,600 SF scheduled for construction later this year. VC provided full architectural design services including furniture and finish selections, lighting, and graphics as well as working with the landlord’s turnkey build.

11232015 128 Technology-12

Above: Circular Conference Rooms Mimic Rotaries. Image © Cora Visnick for Visnick & Caulfield

Given their name, office location and the company’s energetic and dynamic space, 128 Technology’s design was inspired by the continuity and movement of the surrounding roadways and rotaries. Architectural elements were created to encourage movement through the space similar to the expressway located outside along with strategically placed “intersections” that incorporate collaborative areas for casual encounters. A yellow line which starts as you enter the space and is carried throughout the office creates a visual element that helps move people through the space and the lighting on the columns mimic street lamps seen on local roadways.

11232015 128 Technology-16

Above: Open Space Work Areas for Impromptu Team Meetings. Image © Cora Visnick for Visnick & Caulfield

11232015 128 Technology-13_whiteboard

Above: Additional Collaborative and Work Spaces. Image © Cora Visnick for Visnick & Caulfield

Access to daylight and a sense of openness mimic the feeling of being outside and the exposed ceiling and structural elements were embraced as part of the design rather than covered. The open collaborative workspace allows for growth and includes a large lunch and lounge room, reception area, open collaborative spaces with moveable whiteboards, engineering team rooms and conference rooms with audio visual capabilities.

Written by Joanna Frechette, Marketing Manager


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