Adapting your Office
in the Wake of COVID-19

The current situation with COVID-19 has caused many to rethink the layouts of their workplaces. With some measure of social distancing required until the successful development of a vaccine, employers need to rethink how employees will return to the office once the constraints of social distancing are loosened. Life will not revert to normal, but it must still move forward. Employees are fearful to return to the office to varying degrees; some are eager to return, while others may favor a wait-and-see approach, adopt an alternative schedule, or choose to work from home indefinitely. To ensure a company’s success and longevity, leaders must be quick to respond to employee and client needs. Fortunately, creative design solutions can help boost employee confidence toward pre-COVID-19 levels.

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For 30 years Bob Caulfield and Burt Visnick have dedicated themselves to the architecture and interior design industry. After forming an early bond their friendship grew into a partnership that drives their firm to this day. To learn more about how these two grew their friendship into a successful business, click below.


The reception area is a company's first impression on any visitor. A custom-designed reception desk has the ability to reinforce the over-arching design, enhance brand identity and stand alone as an art piece. Visnick & Caulfield has designed many a reception desk all to meet client's goals for their workplace. See some spectacular samples in our blog.

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