VC Phase 2 Return

Back in mid-May VC issued its first return to office initiative. These initial steps of returning to the office included: limiting employees back in the office, one way path of travel, and relocation of appliances to maintain a 6-foot distance. As time has progressed, as a firm, we have adapted and enhanced the steps to creating a safer office for all employees.

Similar to in our first initiative, we continue to relocate furniture to improve paths of travel. This alleviates circulation pressure points and allows employees to remain at their desk while not having their personal space encroached on.

Pantry etiquette has been improved through the use of branded signage outlining the necessary steps in order to safely use appliances. This includes, but is not limited to, strict hand washing protocol before and after appliance usage, single use disposable cutlery and hot cups, and bring-your-own-mug practices.

Conferencing in the office has remained primarily virtual, as many employees enjoy the ease of connecting with project teams. In the event an in-person team meeting occurs, the large conference room is utilized. The space allows 6 people to sit comfortably while maintaining a healthy distance of more than 6 feet between employees.

As time has progressed, the need for materials library updates and hand-delivered packages has increased. We have implemented an exchange-at-door system. This allows convenience of delivery while eliminating contact. Packages coming to and leaving from the office are left outside the main entrance for ease of pickup and delivery.  We would like to give a big thank you to all our reps and partners who diligently follow this protocol. It is through their patience and adaptability that we have been able to streamline delivery processes, continue a seamless transition back to the office, and still have access to the latest products to present to our clients.

We encourage you to read our white paper Adapting your Office in the Wake of COVID-19″, where we investigate and explore solutions to create a safer space for employees upon their return to the office.