Post-Pandemic Circulation Evaluation

May 15, 2020

VC imagines a return to our own office at partial capacity. We studied our floor plan, reconfigured our furniture for safe distance and implemented circulation patterns that allow us to continue our in person working and collaboration while meeting recommended guidelines for a safe return to the workplace.

To allow individual seating to maintain safe distance, we imagine returning in phases, with a limited number of people coming into the office each day. Removal of designated workstations will create a secondary path of travel, alleviating crowding and preventing collisions. We will implement single lane paths of travel, easing circulation pressure points.

We will implement lower density in meeting rooms to maintain safe distances, while ensuring that remote meeting technologies are optimized. Counterclockwise entry and exit into meeting rooms will become a way a life.

In our open kitchen, we’ll maintain 6 feet between major appliances and implement safe distance circulation. A center island with varying heights gives users options and provides more space. The center island also reinforces a circular path to further reduce collisions.

This in-depth study is one of our many offered as potential solutions for companies in our white paper Adapting your Office in the Wake of COVID-19, where we explore solutions to create a safer space for employees upon their return to the office.