VC Makes The Move: Our New Office

Visnick & Caulfield has proudly called Boston’s Back Bay home for many years. Back Bay prides itself on a combination of rich history and promising architecture that together provides the ideal environment for a creative and innovative work space. While we could not imagine ourselves being anywhere else, a move within the neighborhood – or in our case, within our building – is a move we can get behind! VC now calls 222 Berkeley Street home, in a new space just across the building from where we once were. Our new space encompasses a fresh, dynamic atmosphere that truly has empowered the VC team.

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VC  Overview 

We help others create the ideal space for their work environment, so naturally our own space is very important to us! It impacts our work ethic for the best, offering an open, collaborative environment that leaves room for creativity and concept to flourish throughout. Although we are in our new space, we didn’t leave everything behind. We were able to bring along some  components of our previous space that we felt would fit in nicely. Two of these main components include our stone conference table and our demountable office space that is  known as the “Shark Tank.”

Take a look at the process of the deconstruction to reconstruction of our demountable office, the Shark Tank:

VC  Demountable Office Deconstruction

We often discuss with clients the virtue of demountable walls. Well, we lived it! Four hours for the crew to dismantle, seven hours to re-create.

VC  Demountable Office Reconstruction

We also documented our stone conference table as it was broken down and moved into our new space. The stone is a few millenniums old, so why not consider keeping it in play? The stone was polished off site and a new base, edge detail and technology connections below the surface will allow another 1,000 years of use.

Process is important as it is a necessary step in the creation of the final project – in this case, the final project being our new office! You could say we are already well adjusted our new space and making the most of every bit of it. We hope that you love the final outcome as much as we do!


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