The Power of the Interconnecting Stair

Also called “monumental stair”, “grand stair”, or “integrated stair”, interconnecting stairs span multiple levels within one grand space (in this case, an office suite). The increase in popularity of monumental stairs can be attributed to focal points of modern design : wellness and collaboration.

A large interconnecting stair is more than a means of moving from one level to another. Pointedly designing the staircase encourages employees to ditch the elevator and engage with a more active experience.

The WELL Building Standard encourages stair use through beauty and access to natural light. Both employee activity and access to light are documented to increase overall health, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

In addition to increased movement throughout the office, an interconnecting stair encourages collaboration and socialization. Especially considering that different sectors of employees tend to be located separately, breaking down barriers and encouraging movement eases communication and fuels collaboration.

Centralizing a pantry or lounge space around these interconnecting stairs reinforces collaboration in these spaces. As we return to the office, we find that collaborative spaces have grown more important to our clients as they encourage their employees to once again brainstorm, ideate, and create with one another.