The Future of Multifamily Amenity Spaces

While many know us for our prevalence in the office design space, VCA also designs spaces in multifamily housing complexes. Even prior to the pandemic, there was a strong demand for amenity and communal spaces by residents of apartments and condominiums. While both amenity and communal spaces are here to stay, designers must analyze and anticipate how post-pandemic life will impact these shared spaces.

This past year, everyone has experienced the blurring of home versus the office. While life begins to return to a more normalized work-life balance routine, environments that support hybrid work are in high demand. Multifamily housing may adapt to this hybrid work model by introducing designated hoteling space for its residents. This communal hoteling space provides residents with not only the allocated space for heads down work, but the infrastructure of the office as well. Designers predict these spaces will offer in-house printing, faxing, and access to various other office supplies and shared amenities.

Not only will multifamily housing complexes adjust to the hybrid work model, but there will also be a change in how amenity spaces support our new way of socialization. During the course of the pandemic, many people sought refuge in the outdoors. Being outside not only provided entertainment but gave people the option to safely socialize with friends and family. While the pandemic may be entering its last quarter, this increased time spent outside is here to stay. The demand for outdoor entertainment spaces will be a high priority on potential residents’ wish lists.

As we readjust and look into how post-pandemic life may impact multifamily housing, we must be cognizant that the desire to remain socially distant may be common for those sharing communal spaces. During this readjustment period, it will not be uncommon for property management to use a scheduling service that allows tenants to book time in the building’s communal spaces. This allows residents to feel safe as we begin to return to a pre-pandemic lifestyle.

As more and more of our clients build their return-to-work strategies, a hybrid model will be the norm for many. A place to settle in for the workday-of-the-future will be a welcomed addition to many multi-family buildings, and we’ll continue to track how workspaces evolve both at the office and at home.