Designing for a More Collaborative Office Space

As technology and the newest generation continue to enter the workforce, offices are becoming increasingly less static. Take a step into a newly-designed open office and you will find that workers can seamlessly cycle through various work modes with great ease. Matched by the shift toward open office environments, more focus has been given to […]

4 Law Firm Design Trends

As a firm, we pay close attention to the latest design trends and are constantly conducting industry research in order to offer contemporary and creative design platforms for our clients to explore. Our experience working within the legal industry has therefore helped us identify and define four emerging law firm design trends. 1. A greater focus […]

VC On: Considering Wayfinding In Design

Methods of wayfinding must be considered in design. As designers, it is our job to present a space that is easy to navigate, interpret, and understand. If our implementation of wayfinding design strategy is successful, it allows the end-user to not only know where they are in the space, but also guide them to their desired location […]

Using Glass to Maintain Privacy in Open Environments

As office spaces shift to more open environments, a challenge we face is finding ways to incorporate private business areas, such as boardrooms, without closing them off entirely. Oftentimes, the best solution in maintaining privacy in open plans is through the use of glass. However, what clients often need from these spaces is not only […]

A Successful Workplace Design for Coverys

Coverys, a medical professional liability insurance provider, is a company that shows a great deal of care not only towards their clients, but also for their employees. Keeping this corporate fundamental in mind, we created a working environment that kept Coverys’ employees at the forefront of our design.

How We Designed an Open Workspace for Symmons Industries, Inc.

As companies shift to more open plan environments, the ability to identify empty floor space becomes easier, and reminds us that every square foot can serve a purpose. In the new workplace we designed for Symmons industries, Inc., a premier manufacturer of commercial and residential plumbing products, we were presented with the task of turning […]

VC On: Versatile Design (Video)

Open to Close Conference Room For Coverys Space A trend we’re seeing in the workplace is an overall shrinkage of square footage. Businesses are renting smaller spaces, but asking for greater amenities. Design must be smart in order for the space to be functional. Versatility, flexibility and mobility are design elements that should exist in office vocabulary […]

Walls with a Twist: Designing a Functional Conference Room in an Open Plan Office

Part of our design philosophy at Visnick & Caulfield is to think about how to give every foot of a space purpose. This is especially important when designing enclosed spaces, such as conference rooms. We also often strategize on how to broaden and maximize the use of natural light in a space. In order to do this we generally rely on […]

6 Ways We Added Color to a Space Without Painting the Walls

Color can be included in any design, even those with a neutral palette. Check out 6 ways we used color in some of our recent designs without painting a wall. 1. A burst of orange brings life to this seating area We used exotic millwork to set the tone for the reception area that we […]

Design that Works: A Multi-Functional Private Office

Our design for the multi-functional private offices at software company Pegasystems Inc., was inspired by the trending decrease in the amount of private areas found in the workplace. As designers, we often challenge our clients to re-assess what job functions require someone to sit in a private office. Most people will say they need an office because […]