The Feature Wall

Surely you’ve seen it before – a show stopping water feature, a flourishing green wall, or a jaw dropping wallcovering. But besides looking nice, what does a feature wall do for a space? First impressions are critical. Feature walls can guide and orient guests or communicate messages about company culture and brand. Whether those messages […]

The Power of the Interconnecting Stair

Also called “monumental stair”, “grand stair”, or “integrated stair”, interconnecting stairs span multiple levels within one grand space (in this case, an office suite). The increase in popularity of monumental stairs can be attributed to focal points of modern design : wellness and collaboration. A large interconnecting stair is more than a means of moving […]

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is defined as any unwanted or bothersome sound. In the workplace, this can range from ringing phones, typing and mouse clicking, to noisy HVAC and office equipment. However, research has shown that the most invasive form of noise pollution on today’s office worker is other employees voices and the conversations going on around […]

Project Feature – 40 Warren Street

40 Warren Street in Charlestown, Massachusetts was an adaptive reuse project that saw a former parking garage transformed into a unique office space. VCA was hired to do an interior fit-out for a spec office suite, complete with pantry, conference rooms, huddle room, phone room, and collaboration space The use of a former garage presented […]

Project Feature – Pega Salem

Pega is a long-time partner that challenges and grows our design practice. Having worked on the multi-phase redesign of their Cambridge location VC was excited to embark on Pega’s evolution with them. For their Salem, New Hampshire office, Pega aimed to stay true to their brand while also innovating—something the company strives for as a […]

Designing for a More Collaborative Office Space

As technology and the newest generation continue to enter the workforce, offices are becoming increasingly less static. Take a step into a newly-designed open office and you will find that workers can seamlessly cycle through various work modes with great ease. Matched by the shift toward open office environments, more focus has been given to […]

“Neighborhooding”: Breaking-Up a Linear Space Using Design and Architectural Elements

Designing a space within an interesting shaped building can be challenging, but sometimes we are faced with an opposing problem that the building is linear with minimal interest. This creates a scenario where the design could end up feeling like long, never-ending hallways of doors and offices (how boring!)   While break-out spaces are great […]

Designing for Millennials: The Top Workplace Features for the Youngest Corporate Generation

The millennial generation is mixed bunch when it comes to work ethic, intelligence, creativity and capability. As the youngest corporate generation falling between the ages of 18 and 35, Millennials are notoriously known for having extremely high standards and a “dream big” mentality when it comes to their job titles, salaries, hours and benefits. Businesses across […]

Decoding the Design Dictionary: The Striated Carpet and How it Adds to Your Space

When designing a space, it can be difficult to translate what the final, real life outcome will look like. As designers, we pull samples of fabrics, paint colors, tile materials and other finishes, with professional knowledge of how these features will come together to create a space that our client will love. But often times, […]

Decoding the Design Dictionary: The Soffit and How it Adds to Your Space

Design terms deserve a dictionary of their own. As designers, we use these everyday, but to the general public, design terminology is something that is seen rather than learned.  Take for example the word “soffit”. Unless you’re into design, we’re fairly certain that you’re probably scratching your head trying to guess what a soffit is. […]

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