Flashback Friday: Lawson & Weitzen, LLP, 1999

This Friday, we’re flashing back to 1999 when we designed Boston law firm Lawson & Weitzen’s  harbor front office space.  The firm’s prime spot on Black Falcon Pier offered a natural ambience for us to develop a space reminiscent of the workplace views.

VC On: Architectural Lighting

We’re taking a minute today to talk about architectural lighting. It’s a design feature that falls into the general subconscious for most. Yet as designers, we use this tool to create a comprehensive space. The beauty of architectural lighting is that it is used to draw the eye to the most important features of a space–for instance, […]

Design Science: Office Areas and Proportions Based on Human Work Modes

If you take a minute to pull back and really look at how an office functions, you will find that people cycle through three general daily work modes: focus, meet, and refresh.

4 Designs that Encourage Collaboration by Choice

When designing an office space, we strive to develop innovative features that will prompt teamwork, creativity and productivity. We manage this by creating diverse choice areas that are open, casual, easily accessible, and outfitted with the same resources you would find in a formal meeting area. Here are 4 niche office areas VC has designed […]

4 Design Principles of Open Plan Offices

With benefits like greater productivity and collaboration and the elimination of the high wall cubicles, the open plan office is considered to be the starting point for “the office of the future”. As designers, we have adapted to this new feel and look of the corporate world, and have found that there are four key design […]

Flashback Friday: Holland-Mark, 1995

We’re flashing back to 1995 when we converted the office building of advertising firm Holland-Mark from an outdated early 20th century structure, into a visually striking and modern working space. The company has since changed locations, but many of our design features are still standing today.

Design that Works: A Multi-Functional Private Office

Our design for the multi-functional private offices at software company Pegasystems Inc., was inspired by the trending decrease in the amount of private areas found in the workplace. As designers, we often challenge our clients to re-assess what job functions require someone to sit in a private office. Most people will say they need an office because […]

Welcome to VC, A Blog 25 Years in the Making

Hello and welcome! We are Visnick & Caulfield Associates, Inc., an architectural and interior design firm based in Boston, MA. To celebrate our 25th year in the business, we have decided to launch our very first blog.