Design(ers) @ Work: Early May

Happy Friday! Take a look at how we’ve been spending the past few weeks at Visnick & Caulfield. As the above rendering shows, the concept for a space we’re designing for a technology company at 500 Boylston is quickly coming together. Senior Principal Bob, Principal Fenglei and Designer Faegheh are designing a fresh, inviting environment to help attract and retain […]

Design(ers) @ Work: End Of April

Happy Friday Everyone! Take a look at what Visnick & Caulfield has been up to the past few weeks! Associate Principal Paul Ng, captured these images of John Hancock Manulife that showcase how flooring patterns can help define specific spaces within a floor plate. Continuing to work with John Hancock Manulife, designer Jenna Boscio visited our project at […]

Design(ers) @ Work: Beginning Of April

Happy Friday! Take a look at how we’ve been spending the past few weeks at Visnick & Caulfield. As a follow up to our last post, Atlas Venture has moved into their new space. Principal Fenglei and Designer Faegheh visited the completed site last week. Having a long standing relationship with the company, we previously designed their office. Check out Atlas Venture’s feature in […]

What Functional Design Means In Today’s Workplace

With wellness in the workplace being a core value of the millennial workforce, a greater consideration of office amenities, break out rooms and alternative work environments have become priorities in office design. With elements such as work rooms with limited barriers, fitness centers and game rooms becoming standardized office features, it is obvious that companies are […]

Our Amadeus Space: A Cutting Edge Office Design Concept for Tech Companies

This fall, we completed a full scope, interior build out for the North American headquarters for technology company Amadeus, a global supplier of travel and tourism IT solutions located in the Bay Colony Corporate Center in Waltham, MA. The main goal for the 56,000 SF design was to create a space that would accommodate for each […]

VC On: Considering Wayfinding In Design

Methods of wayfinding must be considered in design. As designers, it is our job to present a space that is easy to navigate, interpret, and understand. If our implementation of wayfinding design strategy is successful, it allows the end-user to not only know where they are in the space, but also guide them to their desired location […]

Using Glass to Maintain Privacy in Open Environments

As office spaces shift to more open environments, a challenge we face is finding ways to incorporate private business areas, such as boardrooms, without closing them off entirely. Oftentimes, the best solution in maintaining privacy in open plans is through the use of glass. However, what clients often need from these spaces is not only […]

VC On: Developing a Workplace Design Strategy

A priority at Visnick & Caulfield is for our team to stay on top of the latest design innovations and filter through these trending ideas in order to create spaces that are not only functional, but also represent the personalities and missions of the companies we work for. We thus work closely with our clients […]

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