VC On: Flexible Workstations (Video)

As technology and a younger generation enter into the workforce, offices are becoming less static. Take a step into any office and you will find that workers can seamlessly cycle through various work modes with great ease. Matched by the shift towards open office environments, we have found a large need for workstations that provide […]

4 Design Fundamentals That Lead To Office Wellbeing

The phrase “office wellbeing” is hugely emphasized in the corporate world today. Companies are working to make their offices happy and healthy environments for their employees to work in. But what does an office that encourages user wellbeing look like? When we design offices for wellbeing, there are four fundamentals we work around. 1. Give them an […]

Design that Works: A Multi-Functional Private Office

Our design for the multi-functional private offices at software company Pegasystems Inc., was inspired by the trending decrease in the amount of private areas found in the workplace. As designers, we often challenge our clients to re-assess what job functions require someone to sit in a private office. Most people will say they need an office because […]