Resimercial Design – The Intersection of Comfort and Balance in the Workplace

The evolution of the office plan is amongst us – and it’s bringing forth what’s called resimercial design. Workplace environments are adapting and changing to engage the “whole” employee and not just the intellect that shows up to work. How do you engage employees? You make them comfortable in their environment. Sounds unproductive, right? It’s the exact opposite. Some of largest corporations were once the leading example of utilizing amenities to engage employees when the evolution of the office plan first surfaced. This sparked the now industry standard to provide amenities to employees, especially informal areas that allow for collaboration and relaxation. This provides people with a residential feel that allows for more productivity and comfort in the workplace.  Just because employees are comfortable doesn’t mean they will not work – in fact, it facilitates their productivity due to their engaging environment where they can both relax and work throughout the day.

With remote working on the rise, business owners are looking for ways to attract employees back to the office and providing them with the benefits; resimercial design is one of the best ways to achieve that. Working remotely has become the new norm based on the fact that people want to be more comfortable feel that they can accomplish more from the comfort of their home. Employees want to feel like they can make a cup of coffee, kick back and open their laptop in a satisfying setting where things feel more at home and less institutionalized. Why sit in your office with its traditional commercial furniture – bulky and monolithic at best – when you can be reclined on a plush yet supportive chair? This allows for more focus on the task at hand and not the severe back pain your office chair is causing you. By incorporating resimercial design in your workplace you are providing employees the comfort they are looking for through both the furniture and functionality of the space.

When it comes to resimercial design, furniture becomes the passageway for both comfort and functionality. You are able to create more interesting spaces that allow for more collaboration with more attractive furniture choices. When it comes to materiality – don’t fear! You will be surprised by the durability that comes with resimercial furniture design. However clients tend to agree that they need a refresh within their space every 3-5 years to stay current, so the lingering worry of wear and tear is not one to worry about. Materials, texture and details work to evoke positive feeling and enliven the senses of occupants. A wooden conference table can evoke the feeling to gather and collaborate whereas a laminate one might drive out comfort and creativity as it’s not something you would find in a residential setting. In terms of color, darker color palettes provide a homey contrast and go hand-in-hand with bronze and metal accent pieces. It’s all about successfully combining elements of both residential and commercial.

Resimercial design helps create a home-away-from-home environment for employees who spend most of their day in their workplace. While it is fair for one to assume that a more comfortable atmosphere would create an overall sense of unproductivity, that’s simply not the case. The breakthrough of resimercial design has allowed for more productivity and a sense of well being for employees. It’s time to ditch office furniture of the past and evolve with the comfort and flexibility of resimercial.


Article By – Brittany Huber, Marketing Coordinator


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