Remembering Long Visnick

Long Visnick was one of the original members of Visnick & Caulfield when the firm was formed in 1990. After five years—in recognition of her effort, spirit and passion for design—Long was elevated to Principal.

Long was an incredible contributor, both in terms of design and as a strong force in establishing who Visnick & Caulfield is as a leading architecture and interior design firm today.

Sherry, Fenglei, and Long in the early days of Visnick & Caulfield

Always quick with her whit and pencil, Long was an inspiration to clients and colleagues. She was a constant collaborator with Sherry and Fenglei, who was also Long’s college schoolmate.

Sherry remembers Long’s direct approach and what an asset it was:

“Long’s very direct point of view, on pretty much everything, was a positive in the outcome of many successful projects and a direct result in very happy clients.”

Adams Harkness & Hill was inspired by Native North American cultural relics.

Long not only designed great spaces, she also designed custom furniture pieces for corporate and residential clients. Her attention to detail ranged from experimenting with custom aniline dyes for wood to ideating unique light fixtures.

Long also had an affinity for landscape design. Her knowledge in hardscape and plant materials was inspired by her training in classical Chinese watercolor.

Amadeus Café highlights organic shapes and forward thinking.

Long’s devotion to design is evident in the legacy she established while pioneering the visual aesthetic of Visnick & Caulfield as it is known today. Comforting residences and inspirational commercial spaces proved witness to her creative vision.

Early projects included Adams Harkness and Hill, Bear Stearns, HBO, Amadeus, Robert and Myra Kraft Residence, Jonathan and Patty Kraft Residence and hundreds of others.

Private summer home on Cape Cod featuring natural materials inspired by oceanfront environment.

We continue to build upon Long’s legacy as Visnick & Caulfield embraces the next 30 years. This brief look back to one of our founding colleagues brings a smile to our faces just the way Long would have wanted.

Iconic private residence in Mashpee, Massachusetts.