Project Feature – Replimune

Replimune was in search of a new, cutting edge office space. When they inherited an existing office space with strong bones, they came to Visnick & Caulfield to determine how to integrate their company’s culture. The existing office space was outfitted with sleek black office fronts that fit right into Replimune’s vision. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and positive energy, we designed an innovative space. 

The design intent of Replimune’s workspace concentrated on breaking down barriers between spaces. Every individual space was intended to feel like it flowed into the next. Material usage was key to achieving this goal. The continuity of polished concrete, open ceilings, and the use of dark ceiling tiles worked together to create seamless transitional cues from space to space.   

A key feature in this transitional design concept was the multi-purpose flex space. The warm wood-look flooring used throughout the multi-purpose room creates the illusion of a room within a room, resulting in a feeling of sanctuary within the workplace. The use of the sliding glass doors that open directly to the work café creates a space that welcomes training, events, and large company meetings. This was an important feature of the Replimune workspace and highly requested. 

The visual transparency to the outdoors achieved using glass contributes to a positive, relaxing environment. We look forward to Replimune growing and advancing in their new space!