Project Feature – Private Consulting Agency

Distance draws no boundary for design.

Visnick & Caulfield proved this true with a long time client’s Montreal location. The first of many projects that persevered through the COVID-19 crisis, this space was designed with a focus on flexible working space, employee engagement, and retention.

Throughout the floor plan you’ll find reservable desks, single person focus rooms, and plug and play conference rooms. Each of these resources are distributed across the plan to allow for individual working styles to be satisfied. The variety also provides opportunities for employees to adjust their workplace experience based on their comfort level as they return to the office.

Acoustic privacy was emphasized hand in hand with quality construction, allowing Visnick & Caulfield to elevate the design and user experience through high end, multi-functional finishes. Conference and Huddle Rooms boast wrapped panels while the open office utilizes sound absorptive ceilings to encourage wayfinding.