Pega Salem Reception Desk

Project Feature – Pega Salem

Pega Salem Reception Desk

Pega is a long-time partner that challenges and grows our design practice. Having worked on the multi-phase redesign of their Cambridge location VC was excited to embark on Pega’s evolution with them. For their Salem, New Hampshire office, Pega aimed to stay true to their brand while also innovating—something the company strives for as a whole, not just in their office design. VC knew the importance of maintaining Pega’s brand identity, turning their former NH satellite office into an emblem of the next phase of the company’s evolution.

open offices and a variety of collaboration spaces
Mixture of workstations, collaboration spaces and phone booths give employees choice in selecting the most productive setting for their work.

To manage this transition, VC developed several scenarios that pushed the current floorplan to show various ratios of amenity space, open/closed offices, and informal/formal meeting areas to explore efficiencies. These plans helped Pega determine their optimal floor plan, so they could then develop internal rules of operation around the new office dynamics.

quiet rooms and open casual meeting options
Quiet room in the background for focused work, while casual seating allows for more informal meetings to take place.
Back to back phone rooms provide quiet areas to take calls without disturbing others. Graphics energize the spaces and their exterior views tie the rooms to the natural feel of the interior.

What was clear to employees about the proposed plan was that the design was truly Pega, while also unique to their location; Pega Salem was inspired by the New Hampshire landscape and activities, creating playful moments for collaboration, recharging, and retreating within the workspace. By combining the company’s evolution and its employees into the design, VC delivered a space that was made for Pega, the brand, and Pega, the people.

Cafe/lounge has a camping lodge feel as a nod to the activities employees might participate in outside the office.
Incorporation of tech in informal collaboration areas provide opportunities to highlight internal projects and successes when not in use for meetings.
VC incorporated New Hampshire into Pega’s space in unexpected ways, such as these mountain-shaped bookcases.