Doble warehouse and lab space

Project Feature – Doble Engineering

Doble warehouse and lab space.

Warehouse and lab spaces feature a bright blue open ceiling tying the space to Doble’s brand.

When Doble decided to move their headquarters, they saw the benefits of leaving the city of Boston. They settled on a single tenant, one story building in Marlborough, MA that boasts a high-bay addition with space for high-voltage testing and warehouse storage.

VC designed the office, warehouse and lab spaces, but found synergy through color. Doble’s signature blue creates a statement in the warehouse and lab. The color has the effect of turning a utilitarian space into a showstopper.

collaboration space

Informal collaboration space is emphasized within the space with the geometric brass lighting fixtures and alternating blue carpet squares within a larger gray pattern.

Workstations were designed in neighborhoods. Ample formal and informal collaboration spaces encourage teamwork and foster more impromptu exchanges with colleagues.

An emphasis on natural light throughout the project incorporated an element of wellness, while also showcasing the high ceilings. Further thought to workplace wellness is shown through the inclusion of a game room, fitness center, wellness room, and showers.

formal collaboration and neighborhoods

Small meeting places surrounding neighborhoods allow for employee choice for different types of working styles and collaboration.

fitness center

Fitness center incorporates “Doble” blue through graphics. The fractured pattern reiterates the angular ceiling design.