Project Feature – Atlas Venture

In 2014, Visnick & Caulfield began the process of helping Atlas Venture relocate to their current office in Cambridge. Four years later, the direct investment company decided it was time for a refresh and brought VCA back to help update their space.

One of the main priorities of this project was to create a modern space that stayed true to the client’s image. A steel sign displaying the Atlas Venture logo sits adjacent to the reception desk fabricated out of reclaimed wood, balancing the old and the new in a way that reflects the client’s brand.

There were a few key elements that Atlas Venture wanted to focus on modifying through their renovation. The first was creating a new breakroom. However, the space designated for the breakroom was unusually narrow, leaving our designers with the challenge of making a tight area feel open and spacious. Mirrors situated opposite large windows and charcoal finishes give the space added depth.

A second point of focus was revamping the existing HVAC system. Construction of the space took place throughout the pandemic, emphasizing the importance of designing with health in mind. The HVAC system was updated to increase air circulation, ensuring that all areas of the office have fresh air.