Project Feature – Agero, Inc.

Agero Inc. is a tech company leading the digitization of driver assistance services on a large scale, safeguarding consumers on the road through a combination of platform intelligence and human-powered solutions.

With their new building in Medford, Agero Inc. knew they wanted to give up their traditional layout for a more open plan to promote a friendly atmosphere. VCA transitioned their space to include less offices, lower workstation walls, and collaboration zones. Casual meeting and huddle spaces throughout the floor plan create more flexibility, opportunities for chance collaboration, and break up offices and open work areas. These spaces were made distinct through lighting and furniture in an effort to give them a sense of enclosure amongst the open plan.

VCA was challenged with making the large open work area feel more energetic. Agero’s brand highlights the journey and experience of its customers. Black, ribbon-like, soffit and flooring run through the space to create movement, visual points of interest and way finding.

VCA’s environmental graphics design created a visual and physical journey for visitors that conveyed movement and connection while moving through the space. The concept introduces different graphics that engage  visitors and employees throughout. At the end of the journey through the office the graphics come together to showcase the important connection between the technology and the humans who create and power these solutions.