RA Capital

Project Feature – A Venture Capital Firm

Glass virus sculptures line the length of the main hallway off reception. Images © 2019 Neil Alexander

A variety of work spaces from the formal office to informal hallway seating. Images © 2019 Neil Alexander

Coinciding with their mission, this venture capital firm made its unique art collection, glass sculptures that replicate the structure of various virus’, the focus of the office’s design. To suit the artwork and provide a museum-like setting, the space was designed with a soft, minimal and neutral palate with light woods. The minimalism of the space allows the sculptures to stand out along the wall, giving the display a gallery-like quality.

Allowing for different meeting types, styles and sizes the office features formal and smart conference rooms, open collaborative alcoves with glass whiteboards, phone rooms, and mixed seating types, with and without privacy banding.

Formal conference room with handcrafted table with gold leaf and custom-designed base. Images © 2019 Neil Alexander

Phone rooms and variously sized conference rooms allow for employees to choose the right space for their work. Images © 2019 Neil Alexander

The café takes a more informal approach than the highly polished reception area and conference rooms through its teal Ebola wall graphic and raw-wood timber, geometric ceiling. This ceiling design runs throughout the amenity space and connects the café to phone rooms and a series of nooks with booth seating. By separating the booth seating from the café with the pantry, employees are insulated from the café noise allowing them to hold a quiet meeting or take a relaxing lunch.

The kitchen doubles as a cafe and all-in meeting space. Images © 2019 Neil Alexander