Project Feature – A Private Family Foundation

For this private family foundation there was a strong desire to give the office a warm and open feeling. Using warm wood tones, soft lighting, and inviting furniture pieces the office is immediately welcoming. The design, optimized acoustics and the expansive views of Boston create a sense of peace and calm throughout the office.

Through clear and tinted glass visual connections between colleagues and the outside are permanently maintained.

This openness is essential to the flexibility of reception which doubles as a formal function space. The front boardroom glass pulls away to create a large open area. The adjacent counter-top ledge acts as a bar and serving area to serve guests when hosting functions.

Gathering is a part of the company’s culture, which is why beyond reception, in the heart of the office, the café and lounge is designed to speak to the employees. The over-sized leather furniture and large built-in screen transport employees to the comfort of their own homes. Every detail of the design was chosen so employees of this private family foundation can experience calm in the workplace.