Project Feature – 25 Mall Road

Clean. Modern. Inviting. These are the words that come to mind when standing within our modern design at 25 Mall Road. The building owner tasked our design team to overhaul the atrium and shared areas to provide its tenants with the amenities that have come to be hallmarks of modern workspaces.

The building is home to law firms, financial institutions, and education organizations, among others. The updates were important to the building owner to retain these tenants and attract younger members of the workforce.

Our design team collaborated to create a space that felt timeless and forward-thinking. They focused on activating and connecting previously isolated amenities to craft a more welcoming and accessible environment. This task was uniquely important to create a space that provided more value to each employee in the building.

These amenities include a café, fitness center, reservable conference rooms, and collaboration rooms. These amenities foster a sense of connection, both among those who work in and share the space and between the individual and their workplace.

The most striking aspect of this space would be the elevator in the center of the atrium. The wooden slat façade complements the existing elevator stone, together creating a sense of warmth that invites and encourages movement within the building to explore the enhanced amenities found on the first floor.

The office is intended to be a social environment and the VCA team worked together to accomplish this goal. We crafted a space that encourages people to interact with their coworkers, and with all who share the building. This project transformed the atrium and communal areas of 25 Mall Road to benefit each tenant and foster community within the building and we look forward to helping others accomplish their workplace design goals.