Burt Visnick



Senior Principal

617-297-9339 / bvisnick@vca-arch.com

With over 30 years of experience of fluctuating trends and movements in the architecture and interior design profession, Burt Visnick has amassed a vast wealth of wisdom regarding his profession. His wide range of knowledge can directly be contributed to his core set of values, which he strives to emulate everyday. Burt personally and professionally identifies himself as a “humanist”, and believes that environments should not be static, but should rather be an engaging, interactive feature on a cultural and utilitarian level. From the very beginning of Burt’s career, his design pursuit has focused upon the improvement of the human condition. Spaces that are centered on efficiency and functionality, such as rehabilitation centers and orphanages, influence and inspire Burt to design environments where people are able to engage in all types of human endeavors and can flourish as individuals.