New Year, New Us

To ring in the new year – our designers have made some resolutions for 2020 to inspire, learn, motivate and create! At first glance, it may seem like these resolutions have nothing to do with our work, but in actuality they will help us grow as people, designers, and partners to our clients.

Start a new hobby.

A few members of our staff are resolved to be more active in the new year and joined a social sports team. As part of a sports team our designers are honing their communication and teamwork skills.  Another designer is learning how to crochet. Learning to crochet requires following intricate patterns and paying attention to detail which is critical in our work to deliver to our clients a process and design that is seamless.

Read more in our spare time.

These books might fall in a number of different genres. The books aren’t necessarily design related, but with each new book we increase our world understanding. As designers, who employ design thinking, adding to our general knowledge allows for us to weigh even more points-of-view than we did previously. This way we can understand how our clients approach a problem, how it might differ from our own and how we can come to a mutual understanding of each of our processes.

Rediscover Technology.

There are always new developments in technology that can be utilized to better our lives.  We are making it a goal to continuously innovate and find better ways to communicate to our clients. This past year we started creating 3-D video walk-throughs of completed office plans so our clients could experience their space before any walls are built. As this becomes part of our normal practice, we look to what else is out there that will enhance the discussion our designers have with their clients.

Article By – Julia Pelkofsky , Marketing Coordinator