Internship Opportunities at VCA

For more than 30 years, Visnick & Caulfield has prioritized its internship program as a focus of the firm’s business development. This educational opportunity fosters young talent and provides students with in-office, first-hand experience to give them real life exposure to a career in architecture and interior design.

The VCA internship training focuses on gaining experience in the architecture and interior design industry through application, experience, networking, and soft skills. Students throughout the greater Boston area are encouraged to apply to VC’s Interior Design and Architecture Internship program by emailing

VCA currently has five full-time employees who started their careers as VCA interns and one intern who is currently finishing her senior year. Here is what some of them have gained through their internship at Visnick and Caulfield.


Yianna’s Story
I am currently interning at VCA and have been loving my experience. This program gives interns the space to figure out which areas are best suited and most interesting to them. I can learn and participate without having the pressure of a full project on my shoulders. Every day I am here I feel respected and comfortable associating with everyone in the office regardless of their experience level or title. What makes VCA different is its work-life balance and company culture! My supervisors allow and encourage me to conduct thesis meetings during lunch, leave early to get back to campus for commitments, interview them for assignments, and more. Lastly, I love the location and being able to go out during my lunch break and run an errand or go sit somewhere sunny and enjoy the perks of having an internship in the heart of Boston.


Jenna’s Story
My internship experience at VCA gave me a better grasp of what a typical day would look like by being involved in projects, sitting in on meetings, and collaborating with everyone in the office. I learned about VCA’s internship program when I was in college. We had a portfolio review day with companies in the Boston area and I met Daniela, who has been with Visnick & Caulfield for 15 years. We instantly bonded and she encouraged me to apply for the internship program… the rest is history. It’s been 9 years since I interned at VCA and I’m so happy I decided to start and continue my career here!


Celeste’s Story
The VCA internship program was highly recommended to me by the dean at my college. Interning at VCA has truly stood out from all my other internships because I was given the opportunity to collaborate on projects at various stages. The team does an excellent job of supporting you while also challenging you with the responsibility of real projects. I always felt welcome to ask questions and truly feel that I was and am a vital part of the team. Since my internship ended, I have been working full-time at VCA for two months. I have found the team and the environment to be the best part of it all, and this is what made me want to come back to begin my career here post-grad.



Apply to VCA’s internship program today by emailing