Immersive Planning: The Multifaceted and Sought-After Road to Change

Today’s workplace calls for the need to accommodate the continually changing functions of employees. Every day, employees take on diversified tasks that require different ways of communicating and working. Because of this, the workplace has evolved to require a group-based work style where knowledge and experience is highly valued alongside information and innovation. Immersive Planning creates a transdisciplinary learning and work environment that combines communal, dimensional and improvised elements to enhance the workplace.

The communal element of immersive planning largely focuses on people. People are essential to a group-based work style that allows for creative expansion. Communal focus helps individual users to feel a sense of inclusion when working projects of varying degrees and allows them to come together to share and harness knowledge and information. It is said that employees who participate in group-based work are more satisfied with both their company and physical work environment.

Another important element of immersive planning is dimensionality. Physically speaking, the workplace should be created to be diversely palpable. A stimulating work environment is one that is able to promote collaboration among users. A workplace that provides dimensionality through different views and varied locations is one that employees will feel themselves being able to function in every day and not feel as though they are being held back by their environment.

Improvising is the third and final element of immersive planning. A workplace that embraces improvisational attributes allows itself to expand beyond the needs of the user and open a handful of endless options that are necessary to bring an immersive workplace full circle. Improvising is all about blurred boundaries; creating a more connected workforce where networks replace hierarchies and users feel more in touch with their identity in the workplace by being part of a team.

Immersive Planning is about the fluidity of how we work and where we work. It is important in today’s workplace that employees have the ability to communicate and work in an effective manner; in an environment that fully supports their diverse daily functions. The weight is taken off of employee’s shoulders when they know that they do not have to worry about getting their work done proficiently day-to-day; allowing them to put that energy back into communicating, learning and networking with their team.


Article By – Brittany Huber, Marketing Coordinator