Design(ers) @ Work: What Happened This Week At VC

Week 05:

coverHappy Friday! Take a look at what happened in and out of the office this week at VC.

led lobby progressRemember this picture of our lobby from last week’s captured moments post?

perspectiveThis is what it looks like this week!

scott elle burt 2The new feature in our lobby that we have been talking about is finally installed!

fixture detailAs you can see, it highlights many of our projects over the years. You might recognize the collage from our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Filler 1

sherry candlesWe celebrated VC principal Sherry’s birthday on Wednesday

sherry's cakeAs the chocolate mousse cake says, Happy Birthday Sherry!

UMN TweetThere was also a birthday celebration by senior principal Burt who sported a #rapsonstache to remember Ralph Rapson. Rapson served as the head of Burt’s alma mater, the University of Minnesota School of Architecture, from 1954 to 1984 and would have been 100 this year!

amadeus groupBurt met with the Amadeus team this week to go over the final details of their new space. We loved working with this group and are excited for them to move into the finished headquarters.

Filler 3

Kraft HouseLook who we found enjoying one of our residential designs. Can you name a few of these familiar faces?

watching the rain stormThis week also called for some interesting weather. Summer downpours in the middle of a sunny afternoon call for our captured attention.

we love carpets...more than 26 carptersSo many carpet samples, so little time. Principal designer Fenglei laid out a variety of options this week trying to find the perfect fit for a project she is working on.fixture reflection in big conference room Happy first weekend of September, we can’t believe the summer is almost over!

As always, have a wonderful weekend!

Written by Isobelle Hemmers
Edited by Elle Litwinetz, Marketing Manager at Visnick & Caulfield