Design(ers) @ Work: End Of September

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Happy Fall! As the leaves begin to turn and the temperature drops, Visnick & Caulfield is busy at 500 Boylston Street. Take a peek into our office and see what we’ve been up to this past month.


The designers at VC have been experimenting with our newly renovated office space. Our former storage room turned Resource Library has become one of the most popular spaces in the office! Besides holding our growing collection of samples of carpet, fabric, stone, ceramics, woods, p-lams, hardware, and more, the room has become a flexible space for finish meetings, presentations by product reps, and office hangouts. The movable furniture plays an integral part in creating a flexible work environment for the many projects our designers work on throughout the day. Earlier this week, Burt Visnick,  Marilyn Shen, and Liz Lo prepared and discussed finish options in the library. Later in the week, VC Designers enjoyed a wine and cheese informal hosted by furniture representatives Rich, Lisa, and Greg from Union Office.






Despite the rainy weather, Paul Ng, Principal, and Joanna Frechette, Marketing Manager, found some sun visiting the recently completed roof deck at John Hancock. The client’s incredible Back Bay view is enjoyed by all of their employees, who use the deck for events and relaxing throughout the busy workday.





Designer Cora Visnick also made a visit to the roof deck at client and Back Bay neighbor VMTurbo’s space, where the employees often spend their lunch breaks. What a great place to catch up and enjoy the mid-day meal!






Back at the office, Paul met with Michael McGagh from WB Engineering to coordinate systems for a project for longtime client John Hancock.

Michael McGagh Coordination 1

Michael McGagh Coordination 4

Michael McGagh Coordination 2




Sherry Niazmand, Principal, and Daniela Maher, Senior Associate, visited 177 Huntington, where VC is the architect on many of the building’s floors. 177 Huntington is a historic Boston landmark designed by Araldo A. Cossutta of I.M. Pei & Partners and built in 1973 as a part of the Christian Science Plaza. Now converted into commercial office space, VC is involved in all stages of the design process at this unique site. Sherry and Daniela visited client spaces under construction on multiple floors, while other floors are in the drawing phases back at the office.


“USA 09562 Boston Luca Galuzzi 2007” by I, Luca Galuzzi. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons.

177 Huntington-2

177 Huntington-3

177 Huntington-4

177 Huntington-1


The Natick Lake Residence is making progress as the weather becomes cooler. The metal roofing material is on site and Burt and Cora were excited to see the truncated cone chimney form taking shape.









Have you seen the mural that spans the 44th through 50th floors of the John Hancock tower? We’ve been keeping an eye on the progress of this mystery installation. But at last it was revealed last week that the work was created by French artist JR, and is his first milestone project in New England. What do you think of this piece of Boston public art?



Photo by Barry Chin via the Globe

Boston JH Art


VC Reception 2


Have a great October!