Design(ers) @ Work: End Of October

Office Scan

Another month has passed at the Visnick & Caulfield office and we are excited to share what we’ve been up to.

New Technology

Last week VC started using Skype for Business.  Principals, Sherry Niazmand and Fenglei Zheng were the first to try out the screen and video sharing capabilities.  This will help us work better with our consultants as well as our clients.

Interoffice Meeting

Here’s a look at how we at Visnick & Caulfield collaborate and work together to address current workloads and what is going to be coming up for weekly deliverables.  Working together in this way also helps us share new ideas and of course we always welcome mid-morning snacking!


The Kensington Project at 177 Huntington Avenue is well underway.  Sherry Niazmand and Daniela Maher, Senior Associate, worked with the client to custom design this space.  The custom millwork “boomerang” in their open reception/ cafe was recreated based on the design of a small mock-up that was constructed in-house.

Illuminate Lighting

A Rep from Illuminate Light Design visited our office to show us some new lighting options that have just hit the market.

Omni Light

Design Rep take two! Daniela Maher and Cora Visnick, Designer, met to review some project details while Liz Lo meets with Omni Lighting to discuss some new products they have added to their line.

Sapers House

And finally, the Lake House in Natick.  In the last couple of weeks the windows have been installed and the roof is almost finalized.  Workers also get a great view of the fall foliage.

Final Image

We hope you have a great November and don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Facebook!

Written by Joanna Frechette, Marketing Manager
Edited by Cora Visnick, Designer; Daniela Maher, Senior Associate


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