Design(ers) @ Work: End Of December


We hope you enjoyed the holiday season and are ready to ring in another inspirational year.

More new photography!! Cora Visnick, Designer, and Joanna Frechette, Marketing Manager, drove out to Burlington to photograph a recently completed project, 128 Technology, a new technology start-up firm. Liz Lo, Lead Designer, met us on site and gave us a tour of the space before we started to photograph. The new space was designed with an open floor plan to incorporate anticipated growth within the company and to include as many views of the outdoors as possible.

FOR BLOG Gutierrez

After the tour of 128 Technology was completed, we headed downstairs and photographed another tenant’s completed office space, Gutierrez. With Gutierrez’s recently rebranded image the VC design team created an updated, timeless and elegant space that best represents their company by using clean white accents and their new logo’s blue.

FOR BLOG Broadcom Rezied

Visnick & Caulfield is working with Beck-Martin on a project for Broadcom located at 200 Brickstone Square Andover, MA. Catherine Richards, Designer, is completing the Construction Documents and Construction Observation, with an anticipated move in date of late January of the new year.

FOR BLOG Natick House

“The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building.” – Louis Kahn

During the middle of the afternoon, as the sun approaches its lowest angle of the year, you can see the sunlight reach deep into the Natick Residence where it normally cannot be seen. The unusually warm weather has allowed the nearly completed landscaped walls and patio area to enjoy some extra exposure to the mild New England weather.

FOR BLOG Natick House 2 Resized

Burt Visnick, Senior Principal, and Cora Visnick, Designer also accompanied the Natick Residence’s clients to Cumar Marble and Granite to select unique stone pieces to use throughout the Natick Residence.

FOR BLOG Holiday Party Resized

For this year’s holiday celebration, Visnick & Caulfield had a lunch party complete with a Yankee Swap. The Swap’s theme was that all presents had to be the color red. The afternoon was full of food, gift exchange, and holiday cheer!

We look forward to welcoming in the New Year!

Written by Kyra Visnick, Intern
Edited by Joanna Frechette, Marketing Manager; Elizabeth Lo, Designer; Cora Visnick, Designer; Catherine Richards, Designer


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