Designer Feature – Sarah Jane Visnick

Meet Sarah Jane Visnick, a young designer with a passion for all things architecture and design. Sarah began her time at Visnick and Caulfield during the winter of 2016 for her first design internship. After completing three additional internships with other firms, Sarah made her way back to VCA in 2019 and has been a vital asset to our team ever since.

When it came time to explore career paths, Sarah was unsure of what direction to take but ultimately fell in love with the family business – architecture. “Public schools don’t really advertise architecture and design as career paths,” she explains, “so I count myself as more than lucky to be part of a family that could show me the way.” Sarah went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture from Endicott College and is on track to receive her Master’s in Architecture by 2023.

Renderings of a project of Sarah’s that is currently in the works (1)

As a designer, Sarah places great importance on the designer/client relationship, noting that the design process is “not linear, but rather a dance between the designer and the client.” Through her five years of experience, Sarah has come to find that the unique part of corporate design is building a relationship with not only the client but with the essence of their brand. Sarah says that once you begin to understand a brand’s mission, “the vision for their space puts itself together quite naturally, and [VCA] gets to make design decisions that reinforce their company culture. ”

Rendering of a project of Sarah’s that is currently in the works (2)

One of Sarah’s main priorities when designing a space is user experience. She chose to take the WELL AP exam to learn more about how spaces affect their inhabitants and how thoughtful design can impact physical and mental health. Sarah stresses the importance of wellness in the office, noting that “we spend 40+ hours a week in our offices – it may not be home – but that space has an unappreciated ability to influence day to day life!”

When Sarah’s not busy working on designs or studying for her masters, you can find her spending time with her family and her dog, Tiger.