Designer Feature – Rachel Wilson

For the past eight years, Rachel Wilson has served as a keystone member of the Visnick & Caulfield team. A true creative at heart, Rachel has always had an interest in design. Rachel’s interest in architecture came to light when she was just a child. Thanks to her uncle’s residential construction company, Rachel was able to visit project sites starting at a very young age. As she got older, she began working in restaurants and hospitality and was fascinated by the details of the interiors, ultimately inspiring her to pursue a career in interior design.

With her keen eye and attention to detail, Rachel is able to draw inspiration from all around her. Instead of looking to the internet for images to draw inspiration from, Rachel prefers to experience inspiration, paying constant attention to the world around her. Rachel makes a conscious effort to interpret what it is about her surroundings that appeals to her and how a space’s details come together.

The foundation of Rachel’s design process is her client. She knows that every project and every client is unique and that in order to produce an effective product, you must first get to know the client. Once she feels familiar with her client and their goals, Rachel begins creating an overall design concept that develops and grows as the project progresses as she works to strike a balance between aesthetics and function. Rachel finds that getting a client excited about the design process and sharing her knowledge is the most fulfilling part of her creative experience.

An incredibly hard worker, Rachel still manages to make time for herself and her hobbies. In the winter, you can find Rachel up north skiing across New England, and in the summer, Rachel can be found in her garden, growing flowers and vegetables.
We are incredibly fortunate to have Rachel as part of the VCA team.


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