Designer Feature – Molly Anderson

Molly Anderson began her time with Visnick and Caulfield in the Fall of 2020. Molly joined us after relocating back to Massachusetts after living in New York City. Since then, Molly has been spearheading VC’s marketing and proposal department.

Molly received her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Elon University. Molly’s interest in public relations began in high school when she learned she could combine her love for writing and language with media. Molly found her way to VC through exposure to the Boston brokerage market.

As VC’s marketing coordinator, Molly channels her creative intuition through the Adobe Creative Cloud. Molly’s favorite part of her job is being involved with projects from beginning to end. “It has been a great experience to witness the design process through the lens of both the client and the designer.”

In her free time, Molly loves to travel and is a dedicated Love Island watcher. A fun fact about Molly is that she is self-taught in Danish. While she is still honing her speaking skills, Molly can read and write in Danish!