Designer Feature – Kayla O’Rourke

A relative newcomer to the firm, Kayla O’Rourke joins VC with over five years of design experience. Kayla was born and raised in Boston and received her BS in Interior Design from Endicott College. With such a long relationship with one city it’s no surprise that location serves as inspiration and a source of “fun” for Kayla when designing workplaces.

This aspect of her process comes in handy for a project she’s currently working on in Montreal. Kayla takes Montreal’s dedication to art, with its vast number of museums and public murals, as well as health and well-being, into consideration. Through her process these facets of Montreal, or any city, are incorporated into the project’s interior design. Understanding the location of the office helps Kayla to better understand the people who inhabit it. In this way she’s able to design for them and their specific needs. In her words, “Exploring how to interpret and speak [the client’s] language to make the space uniquely theirs,” is one of the most fulfilling aspects of design.

Kayla has created a sense of calm and cheer in her home through plants.

While working from home Kayla had to figure out how to set up a workplace within her personal space. As a plant lover, she moved her plants around the apartment trying them out in her work area to personalize it like she has her desk at the office. Her plants help to create a dedicated workspace and also bring her joy through this cheerful touch. And who wouldn’t want that? Now, she says, her apartment feels a bit like a jungle. Kayla has incorporated taking care of her plants as part of her daily ritual. She is even taking a gardening course to further develop her green thumb!  She’s learning better ways to maintain her plants and jumping into the next phase of her gardening adventure: vegetables. 

Article By – Julia Pelkofsky, Admin/Marketing Coordinator