Designer Feature – Jeff Seltzer

After over 20 fantastic years with Visnick & Caulfield, VCA Principal Jeff Seltzer is entering retirement. To announce Jeff’s retirement is bittersweet – his level of knowledge and skill base is “legendary,” says long-time co-worker Burt Visnick. His over 30 years of experience include project management, architecture, and interior design with expertise in financial services design. No matter what his projects demanded, Jeff’s outstanding diligence and dedication were always evident in his work. He was a mentor to many and served as a significant asset to every project he was a part of. Here is what some of his co-workers have to say about Jeff:

“Jeff shared his love of design and, in particular, detailing with everyone he came in contact. His project experience was wide and varied, law firms, financial firms, professional services throughout New England and New York, but Boston remained his wheelhouse… we are thrilled that he has taken the time to share it graciously with his colleagues here at VCA.”

Burt Visnick and Bob Caulfield

“Jeff’s thoughtful, methodical, and highly detailed approach to design is something that I have always admired and won’t be forgotten. I hope this next chapter and each venture you peruse brings you nothing but joy. Your mark has been left indefinitely in so many built spaces around this city, and here with us at VCA. You will be missed!”

Jenna Boscio

“Jeff has been a fantastic mentor over the years. It has been truly special to not only work together and sit near each other in the office for many years but to have been guided and taught along the way by my brother..  You deserve only the best! I am lucky to have you as a colleague, friend, and family. “

Lori Provost

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Jeff on many projects. Jeff’s attention to detail and his willingness to guide and teach others is what I have admired most while working with him for the past 15 years. His presence will truly be missed!”

Daniela Maher

“Jeff has always been my go-to for help with details. I was always inspired by his understanding of the intricacies of materials coming together & his ability to draw the vision. I learned a lot working with & observing him.”

Rachel Wilson

“I will miss Jeff’s cheery “Good Morning” when I first come in every day. He was often the first one in, starting bright and early to get ahead of the day. Thank you for all the laughs over the years, Jeff, you will be so missed!”

Cora Visnick

My college classmate, my partner, my friend – Jeff – You have been my inspiration and my idol. I will miss you everyday. I hope you enjoy the second half of your career, catering to yourself and Sue.

Sherry Niazmand

As Jeff readies himself to venture south for a warmer climate, we wish him all the best. Thank you for the years of sharing your day with us. Be well and send a postcard once in a while.

Happy Retirement!