Designer Feature – Fenglei Zheng

Fenglei has been a core member of the Visnick Caulfield team since the early years of the company. Fenglei has a background in architecture, which she studied at Tsinghua University. She recounts her interest in the field of design beginning with a love for art.  

Growing up surrounded by a household of engineers, Fenglei’s inspiration to enter the field was influenced through a combination of her roots and creativity. Fenglei’s design process relies heavily on exploratory practices. She believes, “design and being creative is not an 8-hour job, it is a life experience.” Fenglei is always reflecting on the big picture and how to most successfully meet the goals of each project.  

Collection of some of Fenglei’s favorite projects.

When designing, Fenglei focuses heavily on the user experience. Corporate designers must understand how their client’s work influences the world around them. Fenglei believes that the corporate environment should inspire those within the space. A well-designed workspace empowers end-users, allowing them to take pride in their own work. It is through bringing the client into the design process that, Fenglei captures the company’s spirit and culture within the built environment. 

Fenglei is known in the office, and throughout the industry, for her attention to detail. Fenglei brings energy, expertise, and personality to every project she works on. Always ready to collaborate and work on a team, Fenglei is a great mentor and resource to all of those in the office with her. We are lucky to have her as part of our team!