Designer Feature – Daniela Maher

Daniela has been part of the Visnick and Caulfield team since 2007. This past June marked her 13th year with us, and throughout her experience, she has proven herself a vital member of the VC team. Daniela completed her degree in Interior Design at Endicott College. Daniela has had an affinity for interior design from a young age. She could be found constantly rearranging her home – in search of the space’s best use. It is no surprise that Daniela grew into a talented designer with a keen eye for informative and purposeful design.

Daniela is known around the office for her ability to take a client’s wish list and turn it into a reality. Viewing every project as a blank slate, allows Daniela to creatively problem solve – turning an empty space into a dynamic design that meets the needs of all users. Daniela never fails to express the importance of thinking creatively, saying “it is important to be able to look outside the box for the best solutions, given it is my belief that every space should be unique and intentional.” Daniela’s design approach results in unparalleled design solutions best fitted for each individual client.

Daniela is one of the best team players. She can constantly be seen collaborating with her design team, as well as mentoring younger designers in the office. Daniela’s fundamental belief in teamwork results in positive coordination throughout the entire design process. Daniela’s favorite part of the design process is seeing the client in their space. The gratification of seeing a client fully utilizing their new space is unmatched!

In her free time, Daniela can be found tackling her new home project – renovating her 1900s farmhouse. Seeing that Daniela’s most treasured client is her family, she is excited to turn her new house into a home and make many more memories. Daniela’s new digs may even boast a piano, where she can return to her childhood talent.

Cheers to 13 years with VCA, Daniela, here’s to many more!