Designer Feature – Cait Fitzsimmons

Cait Fitzsimmons is a hard-working and dedicated designer with a passion for all things architecture. Cait began her time with Visnick & Caulfield during her senior year of college as an intern and came on board full time after graduating. Cait is now continuing her education and is currently working on earning her master’s degree in architecture.

Cait has been immersed in the world of interior design since she was a child. Growing up, every house that her family lived in was gutted, redesigned, and remodeled. “Before I even really knew what interior design was, I had lived through four remodels,” Cait explains. Watching a design go from a concept to a physical space has always captivated Cait. She loves how each project is a different experience with different lessons to be learned.

When it comes to her design process, Cait chooses to focus on evidence-based design. She believes that designers are problem solvers, working together to solve the larger puzzle of creating an environment that supports and inspires its occupants. By utilizing exploratory practices and data collection, Cait aims to create beautiful and functional spaces. Cait understands that a well-designed space “is a reaction to its surrounding environment and those inhabiting it.”

Cait draws inspiration from the world around her. She finds inspiration in her surrounding environment- social, natural, and built. She believes that “inspiration is always right around the corner; you just have to keep your eyes open!” Observing the spaces around her allows Cait to better identify what works and what doesn’t, inspiring and informing her design decisions.

When she isn’t in the office working on designs or at home studying for her Master’s, Cait can be found on the ski slopes, by the beach, or on the hunt for Boston’s best bagel.