Designer Feature – Michele Kaufman

Meet Michele, one of the newest members of the Visnick and Caulfield team. Michele joined us six months ago after completing her BFA in Interior Design at Endicott College. Since then, Michele has been working hard and refining her skills.

Michele’s interest in design began at a young age. As a kid, she loved designing and redecorating her room and watching her space transform. She’s always been drawn to the way a space can affect someone’s mood and create an experience.

When it comes to her design process, Michele always starts with the client. Her process begins with getting a feel for the company and understanding the environment that they want to create. Michele believes that “once you understand the goals of your client, the rest of the project will start to come together.”

As a designer, Michele has found that the most fulfilling part of her creative experience is seeing her visions come to life. She loves ” watching the whole space come together from the beginning stages of fit planning and picking materials to seeing your client occupy the space and really appreciating it.”

When she’s not hard at work, Michele loves to travel and spend time with her golden retriever. A fun fact about Michele is that she’s been in not one but two TV commercials!