Creating Culture; Choices that Improve the Workplace

Think about your office. What comes to mind? You may recall messy personal spaces and solitary habits of skipping lunch or working with a headset on. Consider how your office might feel if a different culture was embraced: You may imagine organized workspaces, collaboration between employees, and healthier habits.

Use of space is the number one tool that leadership teams overlook when managing an office. The workplace should be a proper representation of a company’s culture, their goals looking forward, and their branding standards. Dynamic workspaces influence positive behavior, and that behavior is the cornerstone of culture.

Below are some initial steps to take in order to create a workspace that positively influences behavior and establishes a balanced, healthy, and positive company culture.

1. Choose Your Amenities… Wisely!
Employees decide where to work based on a number of factors; one of which is office amenities. Fitness centers, game rooms, and pantries (don’t forget the healthy snack options), are the types of amenities you should prioritize if your goal is to optimize corporate culture. These amenities promote health and natural collaboration, which in turn create a happier, more productive workplace. Don’t be afraid to look to the future – amenity spaces offer a great value on investment. A satisfied and engaged workforce is healthier – mentally and physically. Keep in mind, amenity spaces have the power to attract the type of talent that aligns with your culture and retain employees who exemplify it. There’s nothing wrong with a healthy balance of what you already have and what improvements you desire.

2. Strategic Placement within your Space
Once you have identified the amenities that will bolster your workforce, it’s time for the most important part: where to locate them. If you are introducing a pantry full of healthy snacks and beverages, place it away from the general working area. The distance encourages employees to get up and move around rather than sitting for an entire work day. Does a game room sound like a good idea? Place it near open collaborative areas to encourage interaction between employees. You’ll likely find that ping pong can bring together introverted and extroverted employees alike, who may never have crossed paths before, but are now spearheading the company’s latest initiative as a team. While it’s difficult to put a fitness center close to your employees’ work stations, make sure there is proper signage to promote its use by employees who might want a good serotonin rush during their lunch hour or after work.

3. Be A Leader and the Rest Will Follow
Employees are influenced by those in leadership roles, whether it’s how you interact with others, your workstyle, or even your own personal lifestyle choices. As a leader within your company, take the first step to promoting healthy behavior. Initiate a group workout outside of normal business hours, get up from your desk during the day and head over to the pantry to grab a healthy bite to eat, or start up an activity in the game room during your lunch break. Adopt the behaviors you want to see in your employees and pretty soon, you will see them engaging and making these choices on their own. The workplace culture you desire is on its way!