COVID-19 Signage Guides Employees Through Protocols

COVID-19 Signage For Office Protocols

Wayfinding is integral to offices to assist employees in orienting themselves within the space. New protocols surrounding COVID-19 and social distancing have upended the familiar territory of the office landscape. By creating specific COVID-19 signage and graphics that address these new protocols, employees will understand how to navigate a familiar space in an unfamiliar way.

COVID-19 Signage Plaques For Occupancy

This conference room is equipped for eight. Under current protocols two people can use the room.

First, an office plan needs to be analyzed to see where and what kind of sign types the space requires. While reviewing the plan the traffic flow, conference room capacity, and potential collision points are identified. Conference room capacity is determined by measuring the distance between individual seats to maintain at least six feet.

To lessen congestion and instances where people experience proximity to others, a one-way directional flow of traffic is implemented. Floor decals enforce a one-way directional traffic flow. Doors are marked as enter or exit only. Structured movement around the office allows for people to enter doors knowing there is not someone on the other side to maneuver around.

COVID-19 Signage Plaques For Traffic Flow    COVID-19 Signage Plaques For Traffic Flow

Common spaces are a major high traffic zone for offices. Likewise, copiers, phone rooms, and kitchen spaces will undoubtedly experience heavy use by many employees. Here the goal is to remind and ease employees’ minds. Simple signs, such as “Wipe All Surfaces”, remind employees to clean up after themselves and reassures the next user that precautions were taken for them to use the space safely.

COVID-19 Signage Plaques For Office Protocols COVID-19 Signage Plaques For Office Protocols

Once all the signage needs are determined, a field verification takes place. The field verification makes sure signs are sized appropriately for individual locations and that no additional signs are required.

In these examples the client was preparing for the first phase of employees to return to the office. The client wanted signage that communicated the necessary information in a clear and effective way. Because they anticipated the need for this signage to be in place long term, they opted for a streamlined design that matched their branding colors.

COVID-19 Signage Plaques For Office Protocols

While this client opted for one design style, there are multiple approaches that can be taken to communicate wayfinding through COVID-19 signage. However your office decides it wants to communicate new protocols for health and safety, Visnick & Caulfield can help build a signage package that welcomes your employees back.

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Article By – Julia Pelkofsky, Admin/Marketing Coordinator

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