VC On: Developing a Workplace Design Strategy

A priority at Visnick & Caulfield is for our team to stay on top of the latest design innovations and filter through these trending ideas in order to create spaces that are not only functional, but also represent the personalities and missions of the companies we work for. We thus work closely with our clients […]

5 Reasons Some Law Firm Office Spaces Are Shrinking

On average, we are finding that law firm offices are decreasing in overall square footage. Some firms are reducing their work spaces by as much as 20%. As a result, personal offices are reducing in size. In some cases we have seen partners’ offices be reduced to an average of 225 SF while associates are reduced […]

Enhancing Workplace Collaboration Through Strategic Office Design

Studies show that almost half of workers today identify themselves as collaborators, spending 61% of their overall time in the office collaborating with others. The design of an office should thus work to generate opportunities for interaction and socialization, anytime, anywhere. 1. Not Your Average Conference Room Conference rooms are the most formal meeting space […]

A Successful Workplace Design for Coverys

Coverys, a medical professional liability insurance provider, is a company that shows a great deal of care not only towards their clients, but also for their employees. Keeping this corporate fundamental in mind, we created a working environment that kept Coverys’ employees at the forefront of our design.

Designing for Millennials: The Top Workplace Features for the Youngest Corporate Generation

The millennial generation is mixed bunch when it comes to work ethic, intelligence, creativity and capability. As the youngest corporate generation falling between the ages of 18 and 35, Millennials are notoriously known for having extremely high standards and a “dream big” mentality when it comes to their job titles, salaries, hours and benefits. Businesses across […]

How We Designed an Open Workspace for Symmons Industries, Inc.

As companies shift to more open plan environments, the ability to identify empty floor space becomes easier, and reminds us that every square foot can serve a purpose. In the new workplace we designed for Symmons industries, Inc., a premier manufacturer of commercial and residential plumbing products, we were presented with the task of turning […]

Decoding the Design Dictionary: The Striated Carpet and How it Adds to Your Space

When designing a space, it can be difficult to translate what the final, real life outcome will look like. As designers, we pull samples of fabrics, paint colors, tile materials and other finishes, with professional knowledge of how these features will come together to create a space that our client will love. But often times, […]

Customized Open Plan Offices: Matching Workplace Trends with Company Culture

Workplace ideals today circle closely around the notion that productivity and collaboration stem from open environments. With this, office design trends have moved in the direction of lower workstation panels and increased awareness of perimeter spaces in order to convey transparency and accessibility. However, company cultures and functions are widespread which cause many to question the idea […]

VC On: Versatile Design (Video)

Open to Close Conference Room For Coverys Space A trend we’re seeing in the workplace is an overall shrinkage of square footage. Businesses are renting smaller spaces, but asking for greater amenities. Design must be smart in order for the space to be functional. Versatility, flexibility and mobility are design elements that should exist in office vocabulary […]

Walls with a Twist: Designing a Functional Conference Room in an Open Plan Office

Part of our design philosophy at Visnick & Caulfield is to think about how to give every foot of a space purpose. This is especially important when designing enclosed spaces, such as conference rooms. We also often strategize on how to broaden and maximize the use of natural light in a space. In order to do this we generally rely on […]