Design(ers) @ Work: Beginning of November

First Photo

We’ve been very busy here at the office and we’d love to share what we’ve been up to these past few weeks.


Scott Kligerman and Cora Visnick went to check out the framing progress at one of our projects located in Waltham, MA.  As you can see Scott approves!

Fashion Show

This year VCers pulled together to create a fashion show “clothing line” that was runway worthy for the IIDA #Coutourism 2016 titled “You’re not in Kansas Anymore.” In the end, with many after work hours spent, bottles of wine drank and orders of takeout pizza, we were able to show off three looks that we were proud of: Yellow Brick Road meets Tornado, Poppy Field and Emerald City. We want to especially thank our very generous vendors, Best Tile of New England, Ritz Associates and Reflex Lighting.


Designers Jenna Boscio, Rachel Wilson and Faegheh Koohestani accompanied Reflex Lighting to visit a family run company, Oxygen Lighting in Fort Worth, TX. While there they received a full tour of the facilities from how the concepts of the space are developed to the way they photograph the studio and even their shipping procedures!


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt employees moved into their new space at 125 High Street over the weekend with great success. All teams involved really pulled together in an effort to cross the finish line and give the client a space they would be proud of. Stay tuned for a complete project overview and photos.

ONE Global

And finally VC, affectionately known as ONE Boston, continues our long relationship with ONE Global Design (OGD). OGD’s eighteen firms recently met in Seattle which was hosted by ONE Seattle’s firm JPC Architects. The OGD fall summit focused on sharing knowledge and best practices that reinforce and strengthen the working relationship, allowing OGD to provide world class services to our clients. An interesting fact about OGD is that we would rank as the 6th largest design firm in the United States. When you think about OGD remember, “Stability, Strength, Success”.

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We hope that you check back with us soon!


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