Boston Based, International Footprint

Our Boston-based firm built our business working within the city, Cambridge, and surrounding area.

VC: Boston-based Design Firm with an International Footprint

For 30 years, Visnick & Caulfield (VC) has been rooted in Back Bay. Because of our ties to the city, the majority of our projects are in and around Boston and Cambridge. These projects are clustered in Back Bay, Downtown/Financial District, Seaport, and Kendall Square/Innovation District. Our clients are diverse in industry and personalities: from tech and legal to venture capital and insurance companies. In those disparate fields we create designs that cover the spectrum from traditional and elegant to industrial and innovative.

As costs in Boston rise, the suburbs are seeing growth in cities like Waltham, Burlington, Newton, and Billerica.

The growing costs of office space in Boston has led to an increased interest in moving to the suburbs, and as such our portfolio in those markets has also grown. The needs of a suburban project differ from those within Boston. These offices projects tend to be larger scale spaces and floor plates, which challenge our designers to develop and create connection points and hub areas to bring people together.

VC Across the US

Our successful local relationships have also helped us grow our footprint to include more than 20 states and four countries. We take the same level of care and attention out-of-state that we do with our jobs in Massachusetts. Through our partnership with ONE, a consortium of interior design firms across the globe, we are able to better serve our clients no matter their location.

With projects in more than 20 states we operate as a national architecture and design firm.

VCs International Footprint

With select clients we have completed projects in London, Hong Kong, and Toronto. Most recently, we began work on a large office project in Montreal. Solidifying our Boston-based company as an international design firm. Our design practice and team can quickly adapt to various business structures globally. This flexibility allows for us to remain focused on what best suits each individual client team, keeping their company brand, culture and design in mind while adjusting to the culture and people of the local environment.

Article By – Julia Pelkofsky, Admin/Marketing Coordinator