5 Reasons to Stand at Work

You’re going to want to rise out of your chair and plant two feet on the ground for the rest of your work day after reading this…

1. Say goodbye to aches and pains

Illustration adapted from http://blog.highperformancelifestyle.net/proper-posture/

Illustration adapted from http://blog.highperformancelifestyle.net/proper-posture/

Static sitting for long periods of time results in awkward posture, aches, pains and fatigue. Sitting seems to be the default way to work,  but in reality, standing throughout the day can greatly reduce aches and pains.

2. Collaborate quickly and efficiently

Pegasystems Space © Neil Alexander

Pegasystems Space. Image © Neil Alexander for Visnick & Caulfield

Standing meetings have proven to be efficient, less formal and more productive. Placing high top meeting areas throughout an office space can help generate impromptu as well as formal standing collaboration.

3. Happy body means happy worker

T3 Advisor Space Visnick & Caulfield

T3 Advisor Space. Image © Neil Alexander for Visnick & Caulfield

Standing options help create an office environment that promotes body movement and well-being. Because of this, workers will feel more comfortable in their workspace, giving them a positive feeling about where they are during the day. The main result of having the ability to stand at work is happiness, a feeling that leads to greater productivity and enthusiasm throughout the office.

4. Standing is natural

Mirick O'Connell Space © Neil Alexander

Mirick O’Connell Space © Neil Alexander for Visnick & Caulfield

While standing, your spine is in its natural curvature. This results in less stress on the joints, less muscle fatigue, and better circulation through the back. The standing position is also naturally more inviting, creating a more approachable presence than when seated.

5. Shrink your waistline while working away

Pegasystems Space © Neil Alexander

Pegasystems Stair. Image © Neil Alexander for Visnick & Caulfield

Standing burns more calories than sitting.  It may not be the same as going to the gym but standing is definitely a healthier choice that could eventually lead to a smaller waistline. Standing at work is thereby good for office well-being and overall, general health.

Written by Isobelle Hemmers
Edited by Marilyn Shen, Senior Associate at Visnick & Caulfield, LEED, AP, IIDA, NCIDQ 025271